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NAISH HOUSE BRAZIL | Full Film | Naish Kiteboarding


Naish House returns! Continuing a 14-year legacy, riders from the Naish Kiteboarding team embark on an adventure that is packed with freestyle, freeride and big air kitesurfing in some of the most remote and beautiful spots in the Northeast of Brazil. Get ready to experience the connection between nature and kiteboarding with the Naish team. Presented by: Naish Kiteboarding Film Production: The Stoke Farm Director: Edwin Haighton Starring: Stig Hoefnagel Cohan van Dijk Louka Pitot Nadja Bianchet Jinne Boer Ewan Jaspan Leo Verrecchia Ray Borg Editor: Edwin Haighton Production Coordinator: Ray Borg Thank you to our additional supporters: Revo, Insta360, Noir Matter, and Vertra Special thanks to: Naish Brazil, Adriano Lavezzo, Rato Fernandes, BGK, Leticia Maria, Casa Santa Maria SHOP NOW! All of the products in the film can be found at 🤍



In this video, I surprised my best friend Salish for #valentinesday while going to film with 🤍jordanmatter watch that video here: 🤍 Watch us as we have a fun night out and my sister 🤍Jijiwonder and 🤍chelsealascher try to give #nalish advice but it's just bad!! #surprise

2024 Naish Hover Downwind


Introducing the new Hover Downwind models, designed and developed in partnership with Austin Kalama and our team on Maui. These SUP foiling boards are the perfect choice for both seasoned professionals and aspiring riders looking to experience the thrill of downwind paddling. Crafted with the utmost precision, the Hover DW is available in 105 and 125-liter board volumes, offering a well-balanced design in length, width, rocker, and hull shape. This combination ensures accessibility without ever compromising on performance and speed. With exceptional attention to detail, the Hover DW has been designed and developed to revolutionize the world of downwind SUP foiling. The maximized waterline and beveled rails facilitate the generation and optimization of momentum with each paddle stroke, allowing riders to achieve directional stability and lift-off onto the foil with maximum ease. Furthermore, the beveled bottom ensures lateral stability during acceleration and facilitates quick lift-off, enabling riders to glide and ride swiftly across the waves. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or an aspiring rider, the Hover DW is the top choice for your next downwind adventure. Shop Now at 🤍

Can My Daughter Find Her Valentine Blindfolded? *emotional*


Can friends be Valentines? My daughter Salish wants to be Valentines with her best friend Nidal, but first they have to complete 5 fun and emotional compatibility tests, including picking him out of a group of teenagers blindfolded. See Nidal surprise Salish for Valentines (so sweet!): 🤍 Thanks to 🤍AnazalaFamily for starting the blindfold trend! FOLLOW SALISH: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE: Salish & me: 🤍 Nidal: 🤍 Jiji: 🤍 Hudson: 🤍 FOLLOW the teens in the lineup: Kaido: 🤍 Will: 🤍 Jiji: 🤍 Paxton: 🤍 Nidal: 🤍 Thumbnail art by Aamir Patel (🤍aamirdzn on Twitter) Subscribe to my Photo Challenges channel to see FATHER VS DAUGHTER: 🤍 MERCH: 🤍 Business Inquiries: info🤍 Video by Sandy Chase Music licensed through Artlist and Epidemic Sound Wow, if you're still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!!

Does NIDAL Have A CRUSH!? 😰🤥😱


As promised…here is the LIE DETECTOR test you’ve all been waiting for!! It all started when Salish Matter took a lie detector test on 🤍jordanmatter channel… and everyone wanted to see Nidal take one too. He promised he would once he hit 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, and that day finally came!! Watch the BTS to this video here: 🤍 Watch me surprise Salish at her first movie premier here : 🤍 Watch the full videos from clips used in this video here: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Thanks to all our friends & family who gave input and helped out on this video: 🤍jordanmatter and 🤍saysaymatter on IG 🤍HudsonMatter 🤍BenAzelart 🤍BrittHertz & 🤍drewdirksen 🤍neshanwonder 🤍Jijiwonder 🤍JujuNidal 🤍THEROCKSQUAD (🤍peja & 🤍Fayeknightly ) 🤍rydertullymusic And thanks to Bob the “Bobologist” who preformed the lie detector test!! #nalish #truth #liedetector

Robby Naish windsurfing Hookipa to Kanaha


Come with me on a blasting downwind run from Hookipa beach park to Kanaha. Ride along in some strong winds and choppy seas.

2023 Naish Boxer


The 2023 Boxer is our premier one-strut kite, constructed to be lightweight, ultra-durable, and responsive. This year, the smaller sizes have increased turning speed and are mainly focused on foiling. These kites now sit deeper in the window, giving you a more solid feel while foiling. The panel count is also optimized by size, meaning all kites in the range have a similar feel due to the larger sizes having more panels and the smaller sizes having fewer. This brings the ultimate balance of structure and weight per size. The Dacron layout has also been redesigned to keep weight down. Along with our new lightweight/streamlined TLS 500 bridle lines, the Boxer now flies better than ever in light air. The huge size range from 2.8-16 m means the Boxer has the largest range in the Naish lineup, with the bigger sizes being great light wind twin tip options, the middle sizes being great for all-around light wind riding (surfboard, foil, twin tip) and the smaller sizes excelling at kite foiling. With the new "Swift Tips" the wingtip construction is 30% stronger and lighter. All these new features allow the Boxer to shine light wind and down-the-line wave riding, drifting better than almost anything due to its lightweight single luff strut design. If you are looking for the perfect kite to enjoy regular/marginal winds, or take your foiling to the next level, enjoy the most efficient kite in the lineup, the Boxer. 00:00 Introduction 00:06 Action 01:50 Tech Talk with Ewan Jaspan Shop Now at 🤍

The Longest Wave (2021) | Featuring Robby Naish | Official Trailer HD


"The Longest Wave" offers a rare glimpse into what motivates an athlete who has everything to lose to push his body and mind to the limit. A film about surf legend Robby Naish. Watch Now: 🤍 Throughout his storied four-decade career, Robby Naish has been a watersports pioneer, ushering once-niche activities like windsurfing, kite boarding, stand-up paddle boarding, and foil surfing into the forefront of the global sports community, racking up 24 championship titles along the way. It is this lifelong quest to master all obstacles that led Naish to his latest undertaking. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger travels the globe with legendary windsurfer and pioneering waterman Robby Naish, a 24-time world champion whose quest to master the world’s longest waves unexpectedly reveals his vulnerabilities as a competitor, mentor and father. #surf #RobbyNaish #EchoboomSports Subscribe to the Echoboom Sports channel on Amazon, Xfinity X1, Sling, or COX for full access to ad-free streaming of the largest collection of premium action sports films in the world. Start your FREE TRIAL on Amazon today! 🤍 Subscribe on YouTube: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍

Naish ADX Wingsurfer On-Water Review


Matt Nuzzo reviews the new Naish ADX Wing on the water. Get your ADX Wing here today: 🤍

2023 Naish Triad


Predictable and versatile, the Triad has had some big upgrades this year. The kite is not only perfect for taking your twin tip riding up a level, but it now excels in all types of surf riding. The wingtip shape has been redesigned to increase drift and down the line performance. The kite has been swept back to increase turning speed and lighten the bar pressure. With a lower aspect ratio, the Triad is faster and lighter, making it perfect for navigating tricky sections in the waves, but maintains its predictable flying characteristics, promoting progression in all disciplines. The Triad maintains its sheet in and go performance due to its luff strut and fairly deep draft, making it an easy kite to progress from beginner to higher level riding. We have redesigned the dacron structure of the kite to strategically place reinforcements only where needed, increasing strength and decreasing overall weight. This multifaceted kite merges ease of use, surf performance, and light responsive bar feel into one intuitive package. Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:14 Action 01:52 Tech Talk with Ewan Jaspan Shop Now at 🤍

Naish's New Downwind Board | First Looks


TJ gives us a overview on the new Naish Downwind Board!

Naish ADX Wing - Test


Wir konnten neuen Naish ADX Wing ausgiebig in der Größe 5,0 qm testen. Der ADX ist bis jetzt der beste Wing den Naish auf den Markt gebracht hat und gehört auch mit zu den besten Wings, die wir bis jetzt gefahren sind. Der Naish ADX besticht durch eine spielerische Leichtigkeit ohne dabei auf Performance zu verzichten. Hier geht's zum ausführlichen Testbericht: 🤍

Naish Week 2022 - REAL Watersports


Naish Week was an action-packed adventure! The team headed down to REAL Watersports, America's premiere kiteboarding shop to feast on all the non-stop action that Cape Hatteras has to offer. With freestyle sessions, park riding and foiling all on the menu there was something for everyone. The team was treated to an epic storm with winds over 35 knots; so strong it swept away several houses into the ocean! All-in-all this week was packed full of action from start to finish. Riders: Ewan Jaspan, Tim Walsh, Austin Kalama, Katie Potter, Chuck Patterson, Ray Borg, and Tom Seager Video Production: Tom Seager Thank you to REAL Watersports, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina Shop the gear in the video at

Naish Wing Surfer ADX Review


In this episode of MACkiteboarding Wing Wednesdays, Tucker dives into the exciting new Naish ADX Wing for 2023. This Wing introduces a fresh design and innovative features that set it apart from previous Naish models. Tucker provides an in-depth review based on his experience riding the ADX Wing, highlighting its unique characteristics and performance. The ADX Wing showcases multiple layers of Dacron fabric, strategically staggered for increased stiffness while maintaining a lightweight profile. Tucker discusses the benefits of this design and how it contributes to the overall performance of the Wing. One of the notable changes in the ADX Wing is the introduction of new handles. Tucker examines these handles, emphasizing their stiffness, directness, and comfortable grip. He also shares his personal experience with the handle size, mentioning that individuals with larger hands or thicker gloves might find it a bit tight. Moving on to other features, Tucker explores the wrist leash, hard handles, pump system, and canopy design of the ADX Wing. He highlights the strengths of each component and provides insights into their functionality and durability. Throughout the review, Tucker expresses his enthusiasm for the ADX Wing, stating that it is his favorite Naish Wing to date. While acknowledging the exceptional performance of the Matador and Matador LT models, he believes that the ADX unlocks more freeride potential and offers greater user-friendliness. Tucker mentions its improved behavior and predictability in challenging and gusty high-wind conditions, making it suitable for a wider range of riding styles. However, he also notes that the ADX Wing can be a bit finicky with regard to sail angle. It requires finding the optimal position to maximize its potential and avoid overheating. Tucker shares tips on adapting to the sail angle and emphasizes the importance of maintaining it for optimal performance. In terms of design and features, Tucker expresses his preference for isolated bladders for inflation, although the ADX Wing does not offer this feature. He also provides feedback on the handles, praising their grip and comfort while suggesting room for improvement in terms of shape and ergonomics. Overall, Tucker concludes that the ADX Wing is a significant step forward for Naish, delivering a rigid, stable, and versatile Wing suitable for various riding styles. He highlights the wing's direct and predictable feel, thanks to the new Dacron layout and stiff design, which transfers well through the handles. Tucker notes that while it may not be as well-balanced as the Matador, the ADX Wing still performs admirably in the waves. To learn more about the Naish ADX Wing and ask any questions, make sure to watch the full video and leave your comments below. For additional inquiries, feel free to contact the shop or reach out via email. Don't forget to subscribe for more exciting content from MACkiteboarding! Thank you for sharing the kiteboarding and wing foiling stoke with us! 🤙🏽 Please join us in the comments section and get a conversation started. We’re always happy to help! 🔥 LIKES and SUBS are like online BRO-HUGS! 🔥 🤍 P | 800.622.4655 E | mailto:kiteboarder🤍 Live Chat: 🤍 MACkite Blog and Knowledge Center: 🤍 🤍

Naish, GoFoil, & Armstrong Hydrofoil Comparison


After riding these foils for several seasons I have a little feedback on each of their setups! Here's some links! Naish: 🤍 GoFoil: 🤍 Armstrong: 🤍

2024 Naish New Downwind 105L by YOSHI NAGAMATSU


NAISHから発表された新しいHover Downwindモデル。日本でも早速、永松さんが湘南江の島のウネリからテイクオフ! 今まで諦めていたウネリで浮くことができてビックリ!と初乗りの感想をいただきました! #foilsurfing #surfing #downwind #swellride #Flatwaterpopupdrills #popup #foilpopup #ウイングフォイル #ウイングサーフィン #howtowingfoil #robbynaish #kitefoil #kitesurfing #カイト#wingsurfing #wingfoiling #ウイング

Robby Naish - Still A Legend Windsurfing


#Best of Windsurfing 2020, #4k, #Windsurfing, #tutorial Windsurfing 2020, #top Windsurfing 2020. Happy Birthday to the legend himself, Robby Naish! The Windsurfing legend Robby Naish and Naish Team at Ho’okipa, Maui, Hawaii  Naish Windsurfing: Since 1979, Naish has been crafting the tools for you to heighten each and every one of those cherished moments. Fine-tuning every curve, edge and seam along the way, each product is thoughtfully constructed, not only to excel in the moment, but to stand the test of time. Driven by a passion for the sport and a thirst to innovate, Naish fuses the talent of top engineers and athletes with cutting edge technologies and premium materials. The result is a wide range of SUP, windsurfing, kiting and surfing products developed to suit the individual needs of anyone from the seasoned professional, to the weekend warrior, to someone just getting their toes wet for the first time. Whatever the reason, whatever the impulse, wherever the water takes you . . . this is your moment. Make it extraordinary. Robert Staunton Naish (born April 23, 1963 in La Jolla, San Diego, California) is an American athlete and entrepreneur who has won 23 World Championship Windsurfing titles. He is also considered a pioneer of kiteboarding and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). In 1976, Naish won his first world championship in windsurfing at age 13 in the Bahamas. Since then, he has been featured in films, videos, news reports, and articles. In 1996, Naish founded Naish Sails Hawaii, which manufactures and sells sailboards, sails, kitesurfing equipment, stand up paddle boards and paddles, hydrofoils, foil boards, and wing-surfers. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching my video, don’t forget like and subcribe. Music: - [Rock] To No Avail - Bones (NCS Release) - Venemy Ft. Emily Jane - Heartbeat [NCS Release] - Besomorph & Coopex - Redemption (ft. Riell) [NCS Release] Follow me on facebook: 🤍

2023 Naish Kitesurfing


Kitesurfing Magazine head tester Shane Thompson Interview with Ewan Jaspan. New Naish 2023 Pivot, Phonix, Kite Foils, Micro Chip, and sick new bar. 🤍 🤍 #awsi #wingsurfingmag #kitesurfingmag

NAISH Cuesta del Viento Big Air


Get ready for some heart-pumping, high-flying action at the 2023 Red Bull King of the Air Fly to Event - Cuesta del Viento. At this event, we had riders from Argentina - Joaquin Rodriguez and Benjamin Aguilar - and also Rana Eser from the USA. The riders put on quite a show and really brought energy to the event!. With its prime location in the breathtakingly beautiful Cuesta del Viento, Argentina, this event offered incredible kiteboarding action and some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Featured Athletes: Joaquin Rodriguez, Rana Eser, Benjamin Aguilar Videographer/Editor: Juli Cruz Drone: Martin Pastene Location: Cuesta del Viento, San Juan, Argentin Like what you see? Shop all the latest gear at 🤍

Naish Pivot - All-around Excellence


A perfect alliance between design and quality, the Pivot provides just the right balance of performance and versatility. Two-time King of the Air Champion and 2021 Big Air Kite League winner, the Pivot continues to lead the charge in freeride, surf, foil, and big air disciplines. The Quad-Tex ripstop material is durable, delivering a lighter and more responsive kite. For additional reinforcement, we’ve added Dacron on the wingtips with a double ripstop design on the trailing edge. For those in search of an extra boost of adrenaline, the Pivot is the perfect kite

Naish Slash 2022 Test


Absolut ausgereifter Wavekite mit optimaler Synthese zwischen direktem feeling und fehlerverzeihender Kontrolle Music by Artlist English subtitle available now

Naish foil boards compared / Is the Compact LE right for you?


See more info and full post here : 🤍 We can definitely say that we know the existing Naish Hover Wing 5’7″ board very well, as for the last few years its been Reuben’s ‘go to’ foil board. With its availability in many sizes it has got loads of you up and into foiling with your wing or with your paddle in the surf. But is it still the best board in the Naish range? Or is the new and shorter Naish Hover Compact the board that we all should be looking at now?

2020 Naish Wing-Surfer


Robby Naish riding the new Wing-Surfer from Naish. Follow on Instagram: 🤍 Learn more at: 🤍

Naish 2023 Wingsurfer ADX


See all th edetails here: 🤍 2023 Naish Wing-Surfer ADX The "Power On Demand" Wing for all riding styles from freeride to surf. Sizes: 2.0 | 2.5 | 3.0 | 3.5 | 4.0 | 4.5 | 5.0 | 5.5 | 6.0 | 7.0 The Wing-Surfer ADX is the culmination of five years of research and development, resulting in a wing that caters to all skill levels and riding styles. The perfect balance of wingspan, strut length, draft depth, and dihedral make the ADX a revolutionary wing in our product lineup. The high-tension canopy, combined with the shallow wing profile, provides power on demand. This design profile produces incredible get-up-and-go functionality, lifting even heavy riders onto the foil with ease and maintaining steadily balanced power once riding. The lightweight yet robust T-Bone construction provides stiffness and strength in the wing's center while allowing the wingtips to twist properly. The 50D Nano ripstop canopy is low-stretch and tear-resistant, ensuring the ADX can handle even the most intense conditions. The ADX puts strength where you need it, with everything else remaining light. The result is a wing that lives up to its name, The Wing-surfer Aero-Dynamic-Xtreme, a wing that you will enjoy session after session.

Big Air, Little Effort - New Naish Phoenix Kite


Brand new to the Naish lineup, the Phoenix is our 5-strut big air kite that has been designed for kiters in search of massive boosts. This sheet-in-and-boost kite will give you long gliding jumps and smooth landings. The medium bar pressure combined with the fixed bridle provides a stable kite with excellent control and a direct connection ensuring you will always know where your kite is in the air, inspiring confidence with every jump. The Phoenix is a high aspect, open arc kite that delivers power to take you up into the air and keep you up. If you are looking for the easiest way to glide through the sky, the Phoenix is here for you.

Naish Hover Microchip


Be one with your foil with the latest and greatest kite foil board, the Hover Kite Microchip. At 5 L and measuring just under a meter in length, the Hover Microchip provides the most direct connection to your foil possible. Offering superior control while pumping, ripping turns, and learning new maneuvers, the Microchip has a near-zero swing weight. Featuring a 3K carbon deck and bottom and an 80 kg PVC core, the board is ultra-lightweight and durable, giving you the confidence you need for every session. For riders looking for the most engaging and responsive ride, the Hover Microchip will be your new best friend on the water.

Introducing the New Naish Hover Surf Ascend Foilboards


The Hover Surf Ascends are for surfers who want a compact foilboard with just the right volume. With their concave decks, these boards paddle comfortably, take off easily, and have minimal swing weight. This season’s Hover Ascends are performance boards that are super easy to ride, even for novice surf foilers. Unique to the range is the 7’0”’, with the look and feel of a classic mid-length surfboard that catches even the smallest waves with ease. 🤍

The Truth About Their Relationship (Official Music Video)


EVERYBODY is saying my daughter's crush is her best friend Nidal, but I think they are WAY TOO YOUNG to date!! Here's what THEY think! Ft. Sofie Dossi, Ben Azelart, Piper Rockelle, Rebecca Zamolo and more. BTS video: 🤍 SIGN UP FOR MY NEW PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE AND 1 PERSON WILL WIN A $1000 CAMERA (use code JORDAN99 for $50 off) : 🤍 SUBSCRIBE & turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS for insane giveaways almost every week: 🤍 Subscribe to Nidal's new YouTube channel: 🤍 Buy Salish's OMGZ merch and she'll use the $ for Christmas gifts for underprivileged kids (really) 🤍 See last week's video: MY DAUGHTER PRANKS ABBY LEE *she freaks out* 🤍 Thanks to Defy for the awesome trampolines! 🤍 Directed, filmed and edited by Jalen Turner (🤍 Produced by Andrew Lane (🤍 Co Produced by Miguel Palmero Tracking Engineered by Chris Campbell Written by Salish Matter / Nidal Wonder / Charlie Naebeck / Aedryca Ajib / Andrew Lane Label: Drew Right Music Inc Video produced by Jordan Matter & Sandy Chase GFX editing by Seth Graves Backup vocals by Chris Campbell SUBSCRIBE: Me: 🤍 Nidal: 🤍 FOLLOW: Me: 🤍 Salish: 🤍 Nidal: 🤍 Nalish Fan Account: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE this video! Turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS to get notified whenever I post! 🤍 Business Inquiries: info🤍 Music licensed to Sandy Chase through Artlist Wow, if you're still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!! #Nalish

Naish Torch


The veteran kite in the Naish line, the Torch has continually kept freestyle and big-air specialists stoked for more than a decade. The only kite that has won King of the Air, Freestyle World Championships, and the Kite Park League World Title, the Torch remains tried and true in quality and performance. The Torch delivers smooth power and precise handling for predictable flying. Ideal for freestyle, the Torch creates slack after loading, making handle passes a breeze. Open up a new world in the park with the Torch’s top-notch stability and drift. For those ready to take kiting to the next level - grab a Torch. 🤍

2020 Naish Assault Windsurf Board


Wave Sizes: 75, 85, 95, 105 Naish's all new wave board for 2020. Learn more at: 🤍 🤍

2018 Naish Mana GTW | All-Around Performance


Sizes: 9'5" x 32", 10'0" x 33" The Mana GTW features an exaggerated wave design for riders who want both stability and optimum performance in medium to small size surf. It has an exaggerated tail rocker, V bottom and soft rails to make turning on a wave incredibly easy. This shape is perfect for lighter riders in small surf and bigger riders wanting more stability in a shorter wave board. 🤍

Test - Naish Hover Compact LE Wingfoil Board


Wir konnten den Naish Hover Compact mit 70 l testen. Das wohl kürzeste Board auf dem Markt. Kompromisslos mit absoluter Manöverorientierung. Hier geht's zum ausführlichen Testbericht: 🤍

Naish Pivot S27 Review


Watch this video to get Aaron's opinion of the band new Naish Pivot. This is a review of the S27 Pivot. Naish is well known for beautiful, durable, and high performance kites! Check it out!

Naish wingfoil Wing-surfer S26



Robby Naish "I want to be good like the young guys!"


On April 23, 2023 Robby Naish turned 60 years. He never compared himself with the old guys and has kept the ability to push, what keeps him young. Thanks to Robby Naish for almost 50 years of dedication and passion and being a role model for so many windsurfers and people around the world! Interview by



Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 The ideal choice to stoke out dedicated wavekiters, the 2019 Slash delivers unmatched drift, a wide wind range and quicker reaction time. The leading edge bladder has been further tapered through the wingtip, creating an even smaller diameter for improved turning speed and response. Providing incredible low-end power and the best down-the-line drift in the Naish line, the bar pressure has also been slightly decreased to help fight fatigue and keep kiters on the water even longer. Made to take a beating in heavy surf, the Quad-Tex canopy remains the strongest material in the industry, while the leading edge seam features a new thread that tested off the charts in strength. Thanks to the strength that Quad-Tex provides, Dacron strut panels can be removed without a loss of canopy rigidity, allowing for further weight reduction. Bladder Lock has also been added to ensure there is no movement in the leading edge bladder or struts when inflating, deflating, crashing or packing. The Slash has established itself as Naish’s premier wave kite, providing incredible down-the-line drift and stable flight, perfect for park-and-ride style kitesurfing. 🤍

2022 Naish Wing Foil Boards Product Preview


Micki Schweiger walks us through Naish's 2022 offering of wingsurf-specific foilboards at AWSI in Hood River, Oregon. 00:00 Introduction 00:18 Hover Crossover 00:45 Construction options 00:59 Hover Alana 01:14 Hover LE 01:24 Hover Wing-Foil boards

NEW S25 Naish Hover Wing/SUP Foil Board


Wing-surfing is taking the world by storm and naish is leading the charge. Our extensive line of wing/SUP boards covers the full range from entry level to expert in this fast evolving sport. From the extremely accessible 170 and 135 liter inflatables to the composite Hover wing Sups ranging in size from 140 to 40 liters, Naish offers the right board for every weight and skill level. These extremely lightweight Carbon Ultra boards will have you performing at your absolute best whether paddle foiling in waves, wing-surfing or doing downwind runs. 🤍



Unlock your true potential on the water with the Maliko 12'6" and 14'0". Whether you're paddling for fitness or competing at the highest level, the Maliko is shaped to make you the fastest paddler you can be. Available in 12'6" x24, 12'6" x26, 14'0" x24, 14'0" x26, 14'0" x28 in the Pro Sandwich Carbon Stringer construction. See more at: 🤍

New Naish Jet HA Foil Range


Designed for advanced and semi-advanced foilers looking to push their performance levels in surf, SUP, Wing-surfer, and downwind foiling. New for this season is the 1040 and 2140, further expanding the HA range. To complement the high-end performance of these new wings, the complete foils feature a new high aspect stabilizer that emphasizes pumping ability and glide. Designed with a thinner profile and higher aspect ratio, they support the higher speed of the HA front wings while giving excellent response to rider input. 🤍

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